EAP, Edicions A Petició Co., Ltd, is a company formed as a Spin-off from the University of Girona (UdG) in 2003.

EAP consists of three publishing brands:

Documenta Universitaria and Papers On Demand, companies of publishing services, edit texts at the request of the customer.The advantages of this service, pioneer in Europe, are:

  • Only those copies requested and needed by the client are printed
  • There are no surplus copies in stock
  • Production costs are reduced substantially
  • The order can be processed in a few days
  • Any title can be reprinted whenever necessary


Our principal aim is to cover the existing needs of publishing texts that from their nature require short print runs, and which publishing houses, for this very reason, are reluctant to do.

The main service offered by Edicions A Petició is that of providing the authors of these texts the real possibility to publish them. Through the technology of Printing On Demand, it is possible to eliminate the typical expenses that substantially increase the price of the product: financing a minimum print run and the storage of the stocks of the type of book known by its characteristics as a longseller. The technology of Printing On Demand makes the publication available in the long-term without the need for printing and storing the product, since the copy or copies are only published when a buyer has requested the work.

Thus the function of Edicions A Petició is centred on the edition, promotion and printing of a publication at the request of the author and the buyer, the printing of which is carried out by mean of the Print On Demand service, which gives a quality comparable to books published with a conventional print run.

Edicions a Petició makes use of the advantages of e-commerce and the technology of Printing On Demand. This is an innovative technology that allows the diffusion of texts that do not have a potential market due to their particular conditions. It could be asserted that within the decision-making criteria involve in the acceptance of the book, the concept of the market disappears. In other words any text can be edited and made available to the public, regardless of whether it is an extremely small circle.


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